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Race in the South in the Age of Obama

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A day in the life of Gemma James by Deborah Crombie

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Truesdale, editor; New Rivers Press. Holy Cow! Witek, contributor, Robert B. He and Kate sell the product locally for three cents a jar, making a penny profit on each sale. Soon everyone in the neighborhood wants to buy, and other kids are needed to help package and deliver.

There are less scrupulous individuals than he in the dental hygiene business, however, men who will stop at nothing to buy out effective competitors or crush them to dust. But they don't have Rufus's winning attitude and honesty, and that's why no roadblock can permanently stop him. If you provide a quality product for minimal cost and don't stray from that model, the world is your bull market.

Rufus and his employees face some discrimination during his rise to business stardom. Rufus is black, but he's also a kid, and the adults who dominate the business landscape don't want to give him the time of day. As The Toothpaste Millionaire bemoans, "The trouble with adults is that they never believe kids can do something even when they have good ideas. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that prevents kids from reaching their potential until they're old enough that adults take them seriously.

It's a significant barrier for Rufus, but a kid with the foresight to maximize profits by minimizing them is clever enough to obtain startup capital to get his business moving in the right direction. After that, watching the show grow is pure fun for the reader, who knew Rufus could tame his challenges all along. Thirty-five years after The Toothpaste Millionaire first entered print in , Gary Paulsen released Lawn Boy , a more popular book that explores the idea of a kid becoming wealthy after his neighborhood business performs absurdly well.

Lawn Boy's success falls into his lap, mostly owing to dumb luck. Rufus thrives because he crafts his ideas carefully and has a kind heart, never prioritizing profit over people. His ascent to fame and fortune is more believable, and the way he overcomes adversity shows why he's a winner in the business world: it's not in spite of his youth and inexperience, but because of them.