Manual Governo ombra: I documenti segreti degli USA sullItalia degli anni di piombo (Italian Edition)

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Chi sono? Cosa sono? With a partner, take turns asking each other to identify the following people and things. Use the definite article in your responses. Esempio —Cosa sono? Imagine you and a classmate are looking at pictures in an Italian magazine. Take turns asking and answering questions, following the example. Supply the definite article where necessary. Then practice reading these sentences and responding to them with a classmate.

Some interrogative words and expressions are: Chi? Che cosa?

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Who is Marcello? What is a pronoun? Like what? What is Florence like? Where is Palermo? When are you at home? Where is it? Punti grammaticali Pratica A. With a partner, take turns asking and answering questions, following the examples. Il Da. Teatro alla Scala B.

With a partner, ask questions that would elicit the following answers. One student says the statement, the other asks the question, using chi, che che cosa, cosa , come, dove, or quando. Then reverse roles. Esempio —Io sono a casa stasera.

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Io sono un amico di Francesca. Siamo a casa domani. Sono Loredana. Ecco una conversazione fra due ragazzi. OLO A. Con gli animali feroci. Ci sono le Ferrari? Ci sono gli a. Dove a. Come si chiama il famoso teatro di Milano? A Milano ci sono molte automo. Un incontro tra due studenti Strategy: Basic introductions The task here is to use the few words of Italian that you have already learned, to introduce yourself and the town or city where you live to someone who does not know you.

The best way to organize your thoughts is to review the vocabulary introduced in this chapter.

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Find a partner to role-play a conversation between an Italian exchange student and a person in your city. During the conversation, introduce yourself to each other, chat briefly about where you live, and then say good-bye. Make notes on the conversation so you can write out the dialogue on paper. Begin by greeting each other and introducing yourselves. Tell each other which cities you are from. Your new Italian friend then asks a couple of questions about your town, which you answer.

Conclude by saying good-bye. Now that your dialogue is complete, write a short paragraph 6—8 sentences using words and phrases you have already learned. Then, doublecheck it and make sure you have spelled all the words correctly. If time permits, act out the dialogue in front of the class. Describe what you see in the photograph on page With a partner, take turns asking about and describing the cities which you come from. You can ask each other questions, such as: Dove a. Prima di leggere As you look at the pages from a brochure about Milan below, you will find that it is very helpful to watch for the many cognates among the words that describe the city.

A cognate, as you will recall, is an Italian word that looks very much like an English word and has a similar meaning. It is easy to see, for example, that the Italian word arte and the English word art are cognates. On the other hand, it is important to be alert as you encounter false cognates: spettacolo does not mean spectacle here, as you might expect, but rather, show, and storia is not story, but rather, history. Work with a partner. How many cognates can you identify among the following nouns?

Alla lettura 1. Read the information in the brochure and complete the following sentences: a.

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Which of the words listed on the left side of the brochure correspond to the following? What is. Studio di parole: La descrizione Informazioni: Informazioni geografiche Ascoltiamo!

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La sera della festa Punti grammaticali 2. Writing a biographical profile Parliamo insieme! CD 1, Track 14 Rita e Luciano sono compagni di classe. RITA Abbastanza bene. Si chiama Cla. RITA Sono curiosa di cono. Sei invitata. RITA Gra. A domani sera. What is your roommate like? Come si chiama? Quante li. Punti di vista Studio di parole bello forte Come sei tu? Basso and corto are both translated as short. Castano refers only to the color of eyes and hair: capelli castani; for everything else brown is translated as marrone. Politically, Italy is divided into twenty regions, which are responsible for local administration.

Each region has cities, towns, and villages. The regions themselves are divided into smaller administrative units, or provinces. There are two independent states within Italy: the Repu. With a partner, take turns asking the following questions. Answer using an appropriate adjective.

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Come sono i capelli di Babbo Natale Santa Claus? Ha gli occhi castani Leonardo DiCaprio? Alto a o basso a? Ha gli occhi neri o azzurri? Discuss the qualities of an ideal friend and the personality flaws that you cannot stand. Share your thoughts with the class as a whole.

Introduce yourself to the class. Start with Mi chiamo Punti grammaticali Ascoltiamo! CD 1, Track 15 La sera della festa. Marco is greeting Rita and introducing her to Claudio. Listen to the exchange and then answer the following questions. Dove sono Claudio e Rita? Come sono, in generale, i gio.

Dialogo Imagine that you are at a discotheque and are describing to your best friend a person you have just met.