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Another option is to go to your local sex toy store and talk to someone there, says Morse. You can ask the owners or clerks about what goes on in the community and probably find some fliers for parties or clubs. Keep in mind that whether it's two women and a man or two men and a woman is entirely up to you as an individual or as a couple, although female-female-male is more common because guys tend to be less open-minded about including another man.

That being said, a woman should never cave in just because her partner is pushing his preference. Watch men and women spill the honest truth about exactly what they think about cheating:. If that goes well, then you can think about making a more direct ask. A simple, "Hey, my partner and I think you're fun and you're cool. We want to have a threesome, and we think you'd be a good time.

Is that something you'd be open to? If you know the person, make it clear that you don't want the friendship to change. If it's a stranger or someone you connected with online, take some time to get to know each other first. I mean sure, there are some practicalities involved. For instance, you need to find a third willing partner that your partner is also down with. And of course, there's the art of making sure that no one feels too left out during the act.

So how do you go about having one of your own? Thanks to dating sites and apps , finding a third has gone from just hoping that you meet a willing partner at the bar to having a whole pool of potential thirds to choose from. But once you find that special number three, what now? Do you invite her over to your place? What if you meet in person, and you decide it's not the right fit? See what I did there? To make sure all parties involved have the best threesome experience ever, we've put together a handy guide to help you get there.

From how to facilitate one, things to always avoid, and even how to act after it's all over, here's everything you need to know about inviting a guest star into the sack with you. Your body's saying let's go. And so is your partner.

How to Have a Successful Threesome, According to People Who Have a Lot of Them | GQ

But under what circumstances if any should you avoid going through with it? According to relationship expert April Masini , don't do it unless you're OK with it meaning endgame for you and your partner. So how can you evaluate the writing on the wall? In the Good in Bed Guide to 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex , authors discuss how to gauge whether or not this scenario is actually something that your partner is OK with. For example, can you two discuss other sexual topics openly and without embarrassment? If so, things are probably going to go a lot more smoothly. Start off by enjoying the concept of a threesome as a sexy secret fantasy between the two of you.

First time in bed w/ 2 guys

Does she show a spark of interest in the real thing? Has this conversation come from the two of you genuinely being intrigued by trying something new in bed together? Or is it because the two of you are in a "rut?

If you answered the latter, be aware that a threesome has more potential to hurt your relationship than it does to help it. Another thing to consider?

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Especially if you're in said relationship "rut," bringing a third person into the bedroom can mean that your partner ends up choosing that guest star over you. Sometimes threesomes turn into twosomes, by subtracting one of you. Threesomes crack the door to opportunity. That being said, if your relationship is in a healthy place and you're simply looking to experiment, then you should by all means move forward toward the threeway promised land.

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Here's how to do it:. Obviously, whoever you ask to be your guest star is going to play a crucial role in whether or not this threesome is a solid experience. So with that being said, you and your partner will need to choose wisely. The first step? Get on the same page about what type of third you're looking for, and why. There are a few obvious pros and cons to inviting someone you or your partner or both of you are acquainted with. If it's a female friend of yours, be prepared for accusations to fly. Even the most chill woman will likely feel some type of way about you suggesting your supposed "platonic" lady friend to join in on your festivities.

And if even if your lady is the one making the suggestion, it's likely a trap that you're walking right into. Basically, this one's a no-go. It's still a tricky situation if the third she's suggesting happens to be someone that she's friendly with. So you really want to use your best judgment here. A few questions to ask yourself about the friend that she's volunteering for the role: Has she ever made an offhanded remark that would insinuate she'd be jealous of this potential third? For example, have you asked her how her girl's night out was, and her response was to tell you about how every guy at the bar hit on her friend?

If so, that's probably a sign that you're going to be accused of liking that friend more than you should once this threesome is over — just like "all the other guys do. But generally, a third that neither of you know is a safer bet here. If you've decided to go the random route, you have two options: Either take your search out to the bar, or go online.

How to Have a Threesome—From Start to Finish

The pros of scoping out a third the old fashioned way? You can tell whether or not the three of you have chemistry, and you and your partner can talk things out with each other before approaching the Of course, whether or not the person you're approaching is up for it is a challenge that you wouldn't have to deal with if you were going the app route. But spending the night out with your partner scoping out someone you'd want to bring home is inherently sexy, and both of you are obviously going to go at it later even if you don't bring someone home.

Not a bad deal. It works the exact same way as Tinder does in terms of functionality — meaning you can search by distance, age and gender, and you're only matched if both parties have swiped right on each other. The only difference being, you and your lady share the same profile, and you're looking for a third together. Don't expect to just lie back while two people go to town on you.

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You're going to have to multitask. Ideally it's a free-for-all of pleasure. Otherwise it's more serial voyeurism, which isn't a bad thing, but often that isn't the goal. Don't pretend like you're having a good time if you aren't! I've heard from several men who so built up their own excitement and anticipation over having a threesome with two women that they were completely unable to perform under the pressure.

If you're uncomfortable or can't perform, be honest and kind about it. There should be no shame in talking it over with your play partners. Don't be afraid to take a break if you or anyone reaches a point where they aren't sure about continuing.